Friday 6 May 2022


I record sound effects every week. Most of the time I am outside, recording atmospheres, vehicles, various devices or animals. But sometimes animals, especially birds, end up in my recordings unplanned. Some of those sounds are quite good, they sound like I wanted to record those birds on purpose. So I decided to share them for free on my Free Sound Effects library and on Xeno-Canto. This is a large community and there are 699939 bird recordings at this moment! Amazing. Sounds I will post on Xeno-Canto are usually short but good quality. Longer recordings of birds that I record on purpose can be found on my Animals library.

More about Xeno-Canto: ("Xeno-canto", "XC") is a website for sharing recordings of sounds of wild birds from all across the world. It was started in 2005 by Bob Planqué and Willem-Pier Vellinga. Xeno-canto is maintained by a team of 5 admins with the assistance of the xeno-canto community. Xeno-canto is run by the Xeno-canto foundation (or officially Stichting Xeno-canto voor natuurgeluiden) from the Netherlands.


Xeno-canto uses the ever evolving possibilities of the internet to popularise bird sound recording worldwide, improve accessibility of bird sounds, & increase knowledge of bird sounds. So, the recordings are here for enjoyment, education, conservation & science. More info:

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