Tuesday 29 March 2022

Luftrum Free Field Recordings

One of my field recordings became a part of Luftrum Free Field Recordings library. I recorded an suburban city atmosphere in my hometown. The idea of this library is to offer sounds of nature for free but with an option to donate a certain amount of money back to nature, since all donations are given to World Wide Fund For Nature. Below is the project description written by the project creator:

The field recordings in the playlist are free to download. There are 60 recordings and they serve as an excerpt of the full library which contains over 300 different field recordings and found sounds and is 22GB of size. The recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 3.0) which means you are free to share, copy, remix or otherwise transform the sounds for commercial or non-commercial use, on the terms that you give appropriate credit when using the recordings. You can also purchase a user license of the full 22GB library and gain access to over 300 recordings, including the recordings from the playlist. With a user license, the CC license is waived, so you do not need to give credit + you will receive a download link to the full library and your donation goes to WWF.

The full library is a collection of field recordings and found sounds from different places and locations, and include recordings of ocean waves, forest ambiences, busy streets, rain of different sorts, electronic circuitry, wind turbines, railway stations, gardenscapes, amazon rainforests, church bells, doors and room tones, dawn chorus, fireworks, water streams, trees, airport atmospheres, street markets, espresso machines, rain on leaves, different binaural recordings and experiments with hydrophones, coil pickups, LOM Geofon’s and other contact mics. Perfect as part of music, atmospheric background, sound effects, transformed to layered textures or otherwise.

What you cannot do with the recordings, is to re-release, re-license or otherwise share the library as a whole or in parts without altering the sounds first, we need the library to bring in some donations and please respect that. Not for us, but for the Arctic and the Amazonas. The library raised $2522 to WWF from October 2020 to October 2021.


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