Tuesday 7 September 2021

Radio Aporee

My forest atmosphere recording recently became a part of the Radio Aporee collection. I bought a pair of FEL Clippy XLR EM272 microphones and went to a nearby Šumarice memorial park to record an atmosphere of a summer afternoon in forest. This is the first recording from Kragujevac on Aporee. Below is the project description written by the project creator:

the platform radio aporee is online since about 2000, the project radio aporee ::: maps has started 2006. it is a global soundmap dedicated to field recording, phonography and the art of listening. it connects sound recordings to its places of origin, in order to create a sonic cartography, publicly accessible as a collaborative project. It contains recordings from numerous urban, rural and natural environments, disclosing their complex shape and sonic conditions, as well as the different perceptions, practices and artistic perspectives of its many contributors. this makes it a valuable resource for art, education and research projects, and for your personal pleasure. in addition to aspects of collecting, archiving and sound-mapping, the radio aporee platform also invokes experiments at the boundaries of different media and public space. within this notion, radio means both a technology in transition and a narrative. it constitutes a field whose qualities are connectivity, contiguity and exchange. concepts of transmitter/ receiver and performer/ listener may become transparent and reversible.


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