Saturday 3 April 2021

Few days ago I (or the sound I recorded) became a part of project. This is an experimental sound map project, comprising a collaborative map of the world filled with audio snippets of 30 seconds or less. I chose a sound effect of a spinning top from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg toy. A friend of mine has a large collection of 4000+ Kinder toys. The sound is recorded for an upcoming experimental documentary film about collectors and their collection. I find it unique as a sound and as a part of my city since this is the biggest collection in this area, maybe in the whole country as well. Below is the project description written by the project creator: is a project which aims to answer the question; given a map of the world and 30 seconds to record audio, what will people create? In doing so, what can we learn about the relationship between place and sound and how has it has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic? And finally - does a stringent time limitation result in more engaging audio content, just as shortform video content continues to supplant traditional media? is a final year Capstone project created by Eoin Blunnie, who studies English Literature and Music at Trinity College Dublin.

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