Monday 19 September 2022


Mikroritmovi is a silent documentary about collectors and their collections. It was made as a part of my doctoral project that had 'The sound of a modern silent film' for a subject, at Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad. Collectors are not the main characters, but the objects that are in their collections, from a sound perspective. Electrical and mechanical sounds that are produced while using the objects or maintaining and restoring, show the collector's passion from a different perspective, untypical for a documentary film, and together synthesize into a music.

This is the first time I was a director, editor and a producer of a film, as well as a sound recordist, sound designer and composer, but that is something I do every week.

The film was a part of following film festivals:

  1. Prokuplje Film Festival ProFiFest - Prokuplje, Serbia, September 2022
  2. Serbest International Film Festival - Kishinev, Moldova, September 2022
  3. Sound And Music Film Festival - Belgrade, Serbia, September 2022
  4. APOX Film Festival - Veli Lošinj, Croatia, October 2022
  5. The Triloka International Filmfare Awards - Coonoor, India, October 2022 - Best First Time Director award
  6. KG Film Fest - Kragujevac, Serbia, November 2022
  7. Festival Internacional de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, November 2022
  8. Festival De Cine Infantil De Ciudad Guayana - Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, December 2022
  9. 21114 Film Fest - Novi Sad, Serbia, December 2022
  10. Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec - Québec, Canada, March 2023
  11. Bifocal Film Festival - Philadelphia, USA, April 2023
  12. ScenLab Bioskop - Novi Sad, Serbia, April 2023
  13. Apertura Institute x TAB-LAB - Lisbon, Portugal, June 2023 - Honorable Mention
  14. Expo Le FFEQ en prolongation - Québec, Canada, June 2023
  15. Student World Impact Film Festival - Waldwick, USA, June 2023 - Nominated for the Best Documentary award
  16. Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions - London, UK, August 2023
  17. The Hollywood Guerrilla Film Festival - Los Angeles, USA, September 2023
  18. Live Soundtrack - Belgrade, Serbia, November 2023 - Nominee
  19. Festival del Cinema di Cefalù - Palermo, Italy, September 2023
  20. Daddy Deshmukh Film Festival Akola - Akola, India, December 2023
  21. CineTech Future Fest - Opole, Poland, January 2024
  22. First Frame Student Film Festival - Leicester, UK, April 2024 - Honorable Mention
  23. Centrally Isolated Film Festival - Ithaca, USA, May 2024

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