Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Soundkrampf Flugschreiber

Soundkrampf Flugschreiber is sound installation made for Black Box project under Mikser House Festival 2015. A hundred black boxes were given to chosen artists to do what ever they want with them. Flugschreiber is on of the boxes and only sound installation of all.

Black Box project logo contains 16 incomplete boxes. Everyone of them were drawn in matrix sequencer to create sound. It was then converted to MIDI to sound like a music box. The result is 2 minute melody which is played in loop from the Flugschreiber. The box is designed to look like a speaker. 

Flugschreiber was shown to audience in G12 HUB gallery in Belgrade from 3.6. to 7.6.2015. ( during the festival ). After that, it was supposed to be moved to Mikser House gallery until the end of June, but due to lack of gallery's capacity this movement was canceled.



I would like to thank Klara Isakov for providing me equipment for sound reproduction, Nemanja Blagojvić for designing the poster above and Marko Stanković for help with construction.

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