Wednesday 6 April 2016

Soundkrampf Herzschlag

Soundkrampf Herzschlag is a steampunk sound sculpture made for Impuls impulse ) group exhibition organized by Kreativna Fabrika ( creative factory ). The main objective was to create a piece of art which is related to impulse, and artists were free to show their own vision of it. Soundkrampf Herzschlag is the only sound sculpture, but it could also become a sound installation if you ''connect'' it with other exhibited objects. The steampunk box does not actually create music, just plays it through headphones. The song which can be heard is Soundkrampf''s vision of musical heart impulse and it is a variation of Anfang, from Erste EP.

Exhibition was held in night gallery Petak in Belgrade, 7.-14.4.2016. Entrance was free.

Audio sample:

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