Sunday 27 March 2016

Zvuk Oka

Zvuk Oka is a sound installation Soundkrampf made with three other friends, Nemanja Blagojević, who is a graphic designer on this project, Igor Andrić and Milica Šolajić, who are photographers. Zvuk Oka can be translated as Sound Of An Eye, which is exactly what this project is about.

Every person on Earth has an unique eyes, one and only eye iris design. If we transform circle shape of eye to horizontal, iris looks like a waveform. Generating sound based on that contour, we can get a sound which is also unique for every person. 

First edition of Zvuk Oka contains 26 eyes from 13 people. Each eye sound is 10 seconds long.

Installation debuted in Zagreb, as a part of Sound Art Inkubator 2015, organized by gallery Močvara, from 26.10. to 30.10. in Pogon Jedinstvo. Entrance was free.

Pictures from the Zagreb exhibition and the making of:

Second exhibition was held at UMMUS gallery in Kragujevac, Serbia, from 26.3. to 16.4.2016.

Pictures from the Kragujevac exhibition:

Third exhibition was held at Kombank ArtHol in Belgrade, Serbia, from 16.6. to 27.6.2016.

Pictures from the Belgrade exhibition:

Fourth exhibition was held at Kulturni centar Ribnica in Kraljevo, Serbia, from 23.11. to 30.11.2016.

Pictures from the Kraljevo exhibition;

Fifth exhibition was held at Atelje Ismet Mujezinović in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina, as a part of ArTz festival, from 28.6.2017. to 30.6.2017.

Pictures soon.

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